Traditional Thai Massage

Developed in Thailand and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India around 2,500 years ago as a holistic healing therapy, known in Thailand as nuat phaen boran. This technique involves applying rythmic pressure on the body’s Sen lines (energy lines) and can be highly therapeutic providing relief from tension, injury or illness. Traditional Thai Massage is done fully clothed (loose fitting) and without the use of oils of lotions.
Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage include detoxification, improved immune function, improved blood circulation, improved blood pressure, reduced stress, reduced back and muscle pain, reduction of ailments and the slowing of the aging process.

Thai Reflexology Foot Massage

The Thai foot massage is a 5,000 year old technique that focuses on the feet and legs. It involves stretching and rhythmic pressure applied to the Sen lines. A specially designed massage stick is also used to stimulate the reflex points which balances corresponding organs of the body promoting general health and well being.
Benefits of Thai Reflexology Foot Massage include smooth and healthy skin, improved blood circulation, reduced muscle pain, increased mobility, reduction of ailments, improved sleep and improved flexibility.

Thai Combination Oil Massage

A combination of traditional Thai Massage and Thai Oil Massage providing a calming yet therapeutic treatment. The massage starts on the body’s Sen lines and stretching the muscles, then oil is applied to relax and calm the body and mind. Great for anyone who wants to feel refreshed and energised.
Benefits of this technique include healthy skin, relaxation of muscle tension, detoxification, improved immune system, increased blood circulation, improved blood pressure, reduced stress, reduced muscle pain, increased mobility, improved posture, improved body alignments, improved athletic performance, reduction of ailments and the slowing of the aging process.

Thai Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage works on a holistic level by incorporating the physical body, the many levels of the energetic body and the mind. A treatment is healing and relaxation therapy that utilises massage to aid the penetration of essential oils into the body, combining the balancing properties of the oils with the relaxing benefits of touch.
Benefits of this technique include increased metabolism, detoxification, improved flexibility, deep relaxation, improved blood circulation, fatigue relief and improved digestion.

Shoulders, Neck and Head Massage

Thai shoulders, neck and head massage is highly recommended for relief in the upper back, head, shoulders and neck areas. This treatment will provide muscle relaxation and tension relief. This form of massage is an effective technique to relieve stress and ease tired and aching muscles. It promotes free energy flow and creates wholeness of mind, body and soul.
The 15 minute treatment is wonderful at releasing tension and helps revive, relax and restore a sense of peace to your day. It is recommended for the treatment of repetitive strain.